Operational Assurance Support

Your business can maximise the returns from your System investment by levering the operating knowledge and problem solving expertise of Ellipsiz Communications' technical operational assurance service staff.

Ellipsiz Communications delivers Operations Assurance services which enable our Customers to effectively make the optimum operational decision based on accurate information provided by Ellipsiz Communications.

We provide Operational Assurance experts who have many years of operating experience and an established track record of innovation and troubleshooting success.

You can count on our Ellipsiz Communications technical experts to help you:

  • Reduce operating costs and increase efficiency.
  • Improve availability and reduce downtime.
  • Reduce complexity
  • Ease resource and skills constraints.
  • Support your system activities.
  • Provide troubleshooting expertise to resolve commercial operating problems
  • Review, analyse and provide feedback on your systems operation
  • Provide comprehensive technical backup for your system with on site and remote personnel.

Choose from Ellipsiz Communications' extensive Operational Assurance portfolio to meet your specific business needs.

Our operational assurance portfolio provides for:

  • Full System Operational Assurance
  • Engineering Assurance
  • Hardware Assurance
  • SUS (Software Update Subscription)
  • SUS Implementation Management
  • Operational Assistance

Operational Assurance Brochure PDF (165kb)

Operational Assurance Case Study Brochure PDF (139kb)

Operational Assurance Performance Portfolio

Ellipsiz Communications offers a comprehensive approach to support resolution through our Gems Support Portfolio that defines some of the standard support packages we provide. Within this structure a more flexible option allows for the selection of various support elements to tailor a package to meet individual needs.

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